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Stainless Steel Tot Measures in Kenya for sale

Stainless Steel Tot Measures ( Jiggers or Thimbles) in 30 &60 ml Single Units is What is allowed in Kenya as per Weights & Measures Act. The double sided single piece is actually not allowed as per Kenyan Law. Our products are approved and stamped by GOK.

The Wall or Counter Manual Bar Mounted Dispensers in Kenya

The Wall/Counter Manual Mounted Dispensers have a 30 ml Dispensing Chamber

Wine & Spirits Bottle Replacements in Bars is The Single Biggest Source of Revenue Loss To Bar Owners. Dishonest Staff Easily Replace Sold bottles ( Easily available From Nearby Wine & Spirit Outlets) and Pocket the Difference.
We make difficult to Replace Bottle Labels With Bar Names. They are Very Adhesive. If Removed They Tear and cannot be reused.

Bar equipment in Kenya – The Heat Shrink Bottle Seals.

The Heat Shrink Bottle Seals Play The same Role As Labels.
They Have Added Advantage Of Holding Pourers And Bottles Together For Bars That Use  Control Masters and Pourers.They too can be personalized to your Bar’s name.

Hustle Free Stock Taking!

Get Instant Accurate Reconciled Report Of Your Bar Stock!We Use A Scanning Device To Capture All Items & A Blue Tooth Digital Scale To Measure Remaining Tots In A Partly Sold Bottle.

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